Best Friends




 Best friends in school, sharing secrets, swapping homework, confiding hearts, resolving all

the worldís problems.


Laughter, help me with this, Iíll help you with that, lunch room rendezvous, meet me after class

in the hall.


Your life, my life, taking us by the arm, pulling you that way, pulling me

this way.


Stay in touch, Iíll call you, Best Friends 4-Ever, donít ever



Living life, making plans, full of joy, nothing but heartache, start all over.

Where did you go?


Gone so quickly, my life, your life, memories fading, over night, in just

thirty years.


Thoughts of you, your picture smiling at me from school yearbooks.

Who are you now?


Surprise! A letter, a note.  Iíve missed you, me too.  Is that

really you?


Treasure found, love lost returned, a hole filled up that I had forgotten

was empty.


Tell me all, tell me more, renew my dreams, take me back,

Dear Childhood.



Hilda Osborne